GDC 2016 Links

Here are my growing links to GDC 2016 slides/presentations:


Advanced VR Rendering Performance - Alex Vlachos
An Excursion in Temporal Supersampling - Marco Salvi
An Introduction to SPIR-V - Neil Henning
Building a Better Jump - J. Kyle Pittman
Developing the Northlight Engine: Lessons Learned - Ville Timonen
Enlighten feature sets for large world games - Geomerics
Fast, Flexible, Physically-Based Volumetric Light Scattering – Nathan Hoobler
Fixed Point Iteration - Huw Bowles
The runtime asset format forGL-based applications - Patrick Cozzi, Tony Parisi
Improving Geometry Culling for ‘Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – Nicolas Trudel
More Explosions, More Chaos, and Definitely More Blowing Stuff Up: Optimizations and New DirectX Features in Just Cause 3 - Antoine Cohade & Emil Persson
Object Space Lighting - Dan Baker
Real-Time BC6H Compression on GPU - Krzysztof Narkowicz
Stable Specular Hightlights – Anton S. Kaplanyan
Taming the Jaguar - Andreas Fredriksson
TLDR Statistics for Game Devs - Elan Ruskin

Attendees Coverage

DirectX 12 Advancements - Max McMullen
Motion Matching and The Road to Next-Gen Animation – Simon Clavet


40 VR/AR Predictions - Jesse Schell
Great Management of Technical Leads - Mike Acton

Video Links

Epic Games
Khronos Session
Marmoset Toolbag | GDC 2016 Showcase - Marmoset Co
Seastack Bay - Geomerics
PowerVR at GDC 2016: Vulkan and OpenGL ES ray tracing - Imagination Technologies
CryEngine GDC 2016 Announcement - Crytek
GDC 2016 Allegorithmic Substance Showreel - Allegorithmic

Other Links

GDC 2016 Presentations - Krzysztof Narkowicz


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