GDC 2015 Links

Here are [growing] links to GDC 2015 slides/presentations:

Update: GDC Vault for GDC 2015 is now up! 

Programming Track

Tutorials / Bootcamps

AI Summit (Link)

Microsoft Sessions

Intel Sessions (Link)

AMD (Link)

NVIDIA DirectX Day

Paradox Engine

Amazon Developer Day

GDC2015 Video Links

Other GDC 2015 Collections


Paul said…
Thanks a lot for the links. I am sharing it on Linked In :-)
tep said…
@Paul: Thanks! Glad that you find it useful, feel free to share it anywhere :)
Unknown said…
thanks !
Unknown said…
I go to a preforming arts high school and I am really serious in persuing my career in film acting however my parents know nothing about auditions and how the whole thing works. we are in the process of getting me a better agent but for the time being I am looking for myself. I need to know where to start. I know has alot but I want more. I would like to know anything about auditions and how to catch them early and where to look and all that stuff. I live very close to NyC so getting there shouldn't be a problem. but I am not ready to fly to LA just for an audition. I am very serious about this and I have been acting all my life in multiple plays. please please please let me know more places to start!!
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