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Translucent Shadows Part I - Starcraft II

Shadows is an important visual cue for rendering and has been incorporated into recent games via shadow mapping technique. Most shadow mapping technique only concerns about opaque object shadows and there is not a lot of about translucent object shadows.

Translucent Shadows in Starcraft II Review In Starcraft II - Effects & Techniques, Dominic Fillion mentions how they render translucent shadows in Starcraft II. Here's how the rendering works:

* Requires second shadow map and color buffer. Let's name them as translucent shadow map and translucent shadow buffer.

Shadow Maps Rendering
* Opaque Shadow Map: render opaque objects to opaque shadow map
* Translucent Shadow Map: render translucent objects to translucent shadow map (z-write on, z-test on with less equal, no alpha test, records depth of closest transparency)
* Translucent Shadow Buffer: Clear to white, sort translucent objects front-to-back, use Opaque Shadow Map as z-buffer, no z-write off, z-test on with less…