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D3D11 Compute Shader - Part 1

GPU has become a general purpose processor! or at least becoming more and more general. This is proved by the existence of GPGPU APIs such as DirectCompute, CUDA, OpenCL. It's time to start learning Compute Shader (CS), in this case, DirectCompute from D3D11.

Past GPGPU Coders... Believe it or not GPGPU actually has existed before Compute Shaders arrived. However, you need to structure everything in terms of graphics, i.e. in order to launch GPGPU computation you have to render geometry and you basically use Pixel Shaders to do the computation.
While this style of GPGPU coding can still work today, we can do much better! Compute Shaders allow us to use GPU just like we program a regular code. The first benefit is that you don't need to care about graphics pipeline and such, you just need to dispatch your Compute Shaders and that's it. In addition, Compute Shaders bypass graphics pipeline, i.e. primitive assembly, rasterization, etc2; so you have the potential to run faster …